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    So. My Wacom Intuos arrived today. I’ve neither owned nor used a tablet before, so needless to say I was practically literally singing to myself as I carried it into my apartment and set it on my desk. I took it out of the box at about four in the afternoon, sat down to figure the thing out…and the next thing I knew, it was six in the morning. Um.

    It has begun. Have some Pony. It’s been a good month or so since I’ve made you put up with My Little Pony, so I think it’s high time. It’s good for you. Like eating your vegetables.

    EDIT: So, due to the traffic this piece has gotten from, I think it’s a good idea to mention that I’ve got a separate tumblr for this kind of thing! It’s listed under “Ginger Snap" on the sidebar. Check it out.

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  3. Like my father’s come to pass,

    seven years has gone so fast.

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    She’s afraid to confess to her crush because she feels like the smaller pokemon are cuter than her which is not true but she thinks it

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    Original is here

    Cause I have a gif maker and I though this would make a cool gif, I did, so yeah…

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    so let’s say you lose.
    what happens then

    I’ll tell you what: it gets awkward for everybody involved

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