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  2. pia-chan:

    Commission - Fabulousity Will Prevail by Pia-sama

    Commissioned by the awesome FFB!!

    Nightmare Rarity for print and be signed by Amy Mebberson, NMR’s concept designer, at Bronycon : )

    AIN’T IT FABULOUS, Darling?

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  3. swampyfish:

    Little Trixie drawing before bed. Goodnight!

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  4. calonarang:

    Heraldic sigils and ‘house words’ for Canterlot and Discord.  Holy crap just realized I am the biggest nerd ever

  5. pwnypony:

    Some Sombra..

    in my headcanon, he used to be a skilled, noble warrior.

    A unicorn, with the strength of an earth pony.

    Tragically corrupted by power, originally wielded with the purest and best intentions….

  6. pwnypony:

    When a treaty with the Celestial Empire had failed, a loving queen turned to plotting in the shadows…there was no other path left for her people…

  7. pwnypony:

    ….I don’t know about you, but I think Spike would do anything for Twilight…